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Thanks for your interest in the Parris Island Rod and Gun Club. We're a group of Active Duty and Retired military as well as civilians. We're hunting, shooting, fishing, and outdoors enthusiasts.

All active and retired military are welcome to join immediately. Civilians are also welcome, but due to regulations, may have to be added to a wait-list depending upon the current ratio of military to civilian membership. For further information, please click on the "Joining the Club" link on the menu above

Club meetings are generally held the first and third Monday of each month, but if that falls on a holiday, we often shift the date (see our events calendar for further details). Food is provided by the membership each week. Check the event calendar to determine which members are providing dinner at the next meeting.

If you're a club member, please log-in to view the latest meeting minutes, classified ads, and other information.

Thanks for your interest in Parris Island Rod and Gun Club, and we hope to see you at the next meeting!


From Address:


Note: All numbers are DNR's estimates.

SC estimated deer herd: 730,000

Deer harvested:  Bucks: 109,446,  Does: 93, 506,  Total: 202,952

Number of deer hunters: 144,261 (includes non-resident)

Deer Harvested per square mile/acres (Ranked by county extract):

Read more: SC 2014 Hunting Report

For those of you who may not have seen SC's 2013 Deer, Hogs and Coyote Hunting report - estimated harvested.

  South Carolina Beaufort County
Buck 124,482 872
Doe 101,324 682
Total 225,806 1,554
Hogs 35,281 113
Coyote 30,076 23

Hunting and Fishing in South Carolina

If you're interested in obtaining a hunting license, be sure to check out the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Hunter Education page. Details about hunting regulations can be found at the SC DNR Hunting Site.

Additionally, SC DNR provides a list of Publicly accessible Coastal Piers, Docks and Bridges.


Hunting and Fishing Aboard Military Bases

Hunting aboard MCAS Beaufort and MCRD Parris Island is governed by SC DNR and base regulations. Both bases have Game Wardens who provide classes, ensure regulations are followed, and can assist with any questions you may have.

MCAS Beaufort Game Warden: (Office): 843-228-7017 (Cell): 843-321-6453

More information about hunting aboard MCAS Beaufort can be found at the MCAS Beaufort Website here.

MCRD Parris Island Game Warden: 843-228-3444


Other Hunting Locations

PI Rod and Gun Club members can hunt at Calf Pen Hunt Club. Contact the Board of Directors for further information.



Board of Directors

Lou Sanders, Chairman

Warren Disbrow

Gene Robertson

Theresa VanDam

Chuck White

Russel Woods


President: Jim VanDam
Vice President: Frank Palmieri
Treasurer: Donald Migliore
Secretary: Louis Schleuger
Sgt of Arms: Richard Haitsch

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