Parris Island Rod and Gun Club

If you are interested in joining, please fill out the attached form and bring it with you to the next meeting.

Active Duty, Reserve, and Retired military personnel can join the club immediately in most cases. Other persons are welcome to visit during club meetings, but may need to be placed on a waiting list for membership dependent upon the current ratio of military members to non-military members.

Below you will find our Membership Application Form.


Club membership is from 1 April through 30 March of the following year.

Besides our annual Turkey Shoot in November, other events include an archery range, deer hunting on Parris Island, off-shore fishing trip, Family Day and Membership night.

The archery range is currently being upgraded with 3-D targets. 

Deer hunting on Parris Island is a South Carolina DNR Deer Herd Reduction Program and is managed by the Base's game warden.  Hunting is generally every other weekend from mid-September to mid-December.  The Club also has a membership in the private Calf Pens Hunt Club and Club members may hunt there.  Calf Pen has about 4,000 acres and besides deer there is dove, wild pig and turkey hunting.  Additional information about hunting Calf Pens along with the pass and key to the gate, directions to Calf Pens and a sign out sheet are on the Club’s bulletin Board next to the door.  The Club’s policy is that (if possible) the pass and key be returned to the Club House after hunting that day so that others may have use of it.

The off-shore fishing trip generally is scheduled for mid-September.  It is usually an all day trip and the boat generally leaves from Hilton Head.  The boat takes a maximum of 6 people.  The Club pay $750 of the cost and those members that go fishing generally pay about $80 each.

Family Day is for members only and their immediate family and is a pot-luck luncheon along with steamed oysters provided by the Club and a number of door prizes for Club Members.  Family day is generally held in February.

Membership Night is for club members only (no family) and includes a steak dinner.  This is the time for members to re-new their membership.  Membership Night is the 1st meeting in April.

The Club house is available for members to have personal functions, but must be approved (in writing) in advance by a Club Officer or Board of Directors.  The Club has an ice machine and the ice is available for all club members.

Note:  The Club’s social hour includes beverages at a nominal cost and a pot luck meal provide by Club members.   As voted on and approved by the Club members, members with the last names from ‘A’ through ‘M’ provide the pot luck meal at one meeting and those from ‘N’ through ‘Z’ provide the meal at the next meeting.  Providing a dish for the pot luck meal is strictly voluntary.  See meeting schedule on the events page.

Board of Directors

Lou Sanders, Chairman

Warren Disbrow

Gene Robertson

Theresa VanDam

Chuck White

Russel Woods


President: Jim VanDam
Vice President: Frank Palmieri
Treasurer: Donald Migliore
Secretary: Louis Schleuger
Sgt of Arms: Richard Haitsch

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